Crackle Effect
Use this product to antique your eggs and bases with ease ... It’s perfect for creating that cracked-wood or aged pottery look! 

This product is a nontoxic, water-soluble medium that you can use between two colors to crack the top color and reveal the basecoat, giving your piece that delightfully refined appearance!

How to use this product

1. Paint your object with an acrylic paint.

2. When base coat is dry, apply a smooth, even coat of crackling medium. Clean brush immediately with water. Let medium dry for 20 mintues to one hour. It can set overnight and the same exciting results will be achieved.

3. Working quickly, use a clean, soft brush to apply an even coat of a contrasting top-coat color over the dry crackling medium. Once the top-coat color has been applied, do not reapply more color after cracking starts. Cracking time may vary from color to color. Wait a few minutes for cracking to start.

Crackle Effect

  • SP 401 Crackling medium 081-004