Candice Fava started practicing egg art when she was a 12 year old girl living on a poultry farm literally surrounded by eggs in Sydney, Australia.  She is self taught and uses nature, paintings, sculptures and of course the famous Faberge Eggs as her sources of inspiration.  Candice went on perfecting her art after moving to Malta in 1999 and has introduced this art to many Maltese artisans.  She is the Maltese representative for the International Egg Art Guild.


Candice’s work is mostly based on geese egg shells.  Eggs laid by ostriches, emus, ducks, doves and many other domestic birds are also used.  Apart from being ornamental art pieces, many of Candice’s work also functions as lights, souvenirs, jewellery boxes, clocks and photo frames. 


Candice participates in local exhibitions, fairs and TV programmes to teach and promote egg art and also offers lessons in her specialised egg art shop and gallery;New EGGsperience in Zabbar. 


In 2012 Candice’s work in the promotion and teaching of egg art was awarded first price in the Premju Giegh l-Artigjanat Malti in the Category for Craft Initiatives.  In the same year, Candice’s “Malta Marittima”, was a finalist in the Crafts Products Category.  Another of Candice’s pieces “Honoured Malta in Time” also won a consolation price in the Category for Crafts Products in the 2011 edition of the Premju Giegh l-Artigjanat Malti.  In the 2013 edition, Candice’s product “3 in 1 Egg Minaudière” placed as a finalist in the Category Most Innovative Product in Contemporary Crafts